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Instead of using a plastic or silver spoon, replace it with a Silicone Spoon, which is now available in Pakistan. It’s a better way to spoon-feeding the child which comes along with a bottle. It is gentle for baby’s gums and also helps in the development of Nascent Oral Motor Skills. This Baby Feeding Spoon creates less Mess compare to other spoons, Easy to Use, Sterilize, Hygienic, and ideal for traveling with baby. Designed for 5-month and older babies. A perfect tool for feeding the baby First Food like Mashed Rice or Cereals, Pureed Fruits or Vegetables, and all kinds of Pulpy Semi-Solid Foods. Made from 100% Food-Grade, BPA free, Non-Toxic Liquid Silicone Rubber.
Product Features:
Silicone Spoon
Made from 100% Food-Grade.
BPA free.
Non-Toxic Liquid Silicone Rubber.
Easy to Use and Clean.
Makes traveling easy with a baby.
Less Mess creates.
Available it in White,Blue,Pink,Green
Please Don’t Microwave

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