New Born Advance Baby Bathing Tub-WHITE


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As the weeks go by Giving Bath to a Baby becomes quite an animated part of the day.

Babies have started to get Accustomed to the Water and have Great Fun Splashing around, playing with Bath Toys and they love being without a Diaper.

Bath Time can be made Safer by using a Special Baby Bathtub specifically designed to Suit the needs of babies. Juniorscart Bathtub is Designed to keep the baby?s Safety and
Comfort in Mind.

Product Features:

?Fits in most sink basins
?Baby Bath Seat and Tub
?Made from Durable Plastic Material
?Mildew resistant added Comfort, Foam Pad
?Handy accessory compartments for Easy access during bathing
?Headrest and leg grooves for the baby?s comfort while bathing
?Security Lock
?Ergonomic and Comfortable design
?Drain Plug ? Yes
?Available in Blue, Pink and White color.


?Box Dimension ? 36 x 18 x 45 cm
?Overall Dimension ? 74 x 35 x 22 cm
?Inner Dimension ? 65 x 30 x 11.5 cm
?Carrying Capacity ? 15 kgs
?Product net weight ? 1.22 kgs
?Product gross weight ? 1.58 kgs

Weight 3 kg