Mastela SG-239 Auto Swing Baby Sleeping Cot-BLUE


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High-Class Automatic Cradle Mastela is Flexible and Super Comfortable. This Cot Design becomes many Mothers’ Favorite and First Choice. Care for the Baby Sleep, helping him or her to Grow like a Daily Blower. This product also helps Parents to have more Time to Rest or do Other Tasks. The Bassinet has a Smart Operating Mechanism with 5 Different Modes of giving, Timer Off, Gentle Music Playback, which makes it easy to put your Baby to Sleep.
In particular, the Crib is equipped with a Mosquito Net, which helps the Baby Sleep Soundly.

Product Features:

?Highly-quality Material.
?The Cushions of the Bassinet are made of Soft and Breathable Cotton. Babies can Freely move in a Crib without discomfort when Rubbed with a Cradle
?Protects the Baby from Insects.
?The automatic control set with 5 delivery modes so that the mother can choose to adjust to suit the baby’s age and preferences.
?In addition, Cradle Mastela also has 12 Soothing Music Melodies to help your baby Easily Fall Asleep
?Available in Blue, Pink, Grey, Cream and White Color.

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