Intex 28106 Easy Set Pool 8Ft


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Stay cool and splash away with the Intex Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool.

This air-filled pool will be a great escape for you and your family, especially on a scorching summer day.

This circular pool is easy to set up and sits nicely on any outside surface.

Simply inflate the pool to correct size and you can start diving in.

The pool provides ample room within, so the whole family can get in on all the fun.

Measuring only 8 Feet (diameter) wide and 24 inches tall, the portable pool doesn’t take up much room at all so the kids can still have plenty of space to run around.

This backyard pool also provides the utmost durability by being constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply material.

Once you are done swimming, simply deflate the pool for a hassle-free clean and storage experience.

Bring water-filled joy to your friends and family this summer with the Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool.

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