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Warming the Milk, Again and Again, becomes a Hassle! Right?

That is why JuniorsCart offers you Baby Feeder and Food Warmer.It is a perfect solution for you. Warm your baby milk with this Feeder Warmer. You just need to put the baby?s feeder in the Warmer, fill water and plug the switch on. It doesn’t require Any Specific Size or Type of feeder! You can also boil baby?s cereal, rice or boil eggs in it.

Operating Procedure:

  • Before plugging IN, fill normal water in the warmer (not in the cup/cover). Put the Feeding Bottle with Milk in the Warmer. In a few minutes, the water will start warming the feeder and milk. When required heat is achieved, Plug out and the milk is ready to feed.
  • To boil/warm cereal of the infants, put the cereal in the cup, fill the warmer with water. Plug-In and boil/warm until required heat is achieved.
  • To boil eggs, you can put eggs inside the water, plug In the Warmer and boil until the eggs are boiled. It requires a bit more time.

Product Features:

  • Can hold multiple types of feeders
  • Baby?s cereal can be boiled
  • High-Quality Material
  • Egg and rice can be boiled

Both Apple & Camera Feeder Warmers Available & will be Dispatched as per Availability, As Regarding Performance Both have Same Aspects

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