Cute Electric Bees Toy With Light And Music


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It is a very attractive little cute bee with glowing light and beautiful sound. It has glowing lights on its?antenna. The bee’s head can shake. Its feet and wings can moveable. It can walk forward. It has a universal wheel, changes its direction automatically when meeting with any obstacles. It is a battery-operated toy. Made with high-quality plastic material.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Light and sound
  • Glowing antenna
  • Head can shake
  • 6 moveable legs
  • Battery-operated
  • Universal wheel
  • Recommended age: 3+ years
  • Box size: ( 7.5 length x 5.8 x 7 height ) inches
  • Item size:?(?6 length x 5.5 x?6.5 height ) inches
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