Blooming Flower Bath-PURPLE


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Instead of putting your newborn baby into a cold hard stainless sink for bath, use a Blooming Bath Flower which is soft and cuddly for your Baby. This Baby Bath Flower supports the baby in the sink. So bath your child through nice and soft cushioned material in which they can lay as well.
Product Features:
High-quality Material.
The baby will be delighted by the blooming flower petal shape cushion
Parents can also enjoy comfortable and worry-free bath time with baby
No more kneeling at the edge of the tub or nervously look after a slippery baby
Soft plush surface with a cute outlook for your baby
Machine-washed and hang it dry easily
Can also be used as a daily cushion pad on your house
The cushion can fit in most baby bathtubs
Color: Yellow
Size: diameter: 80cm (approx.)
Available in Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow Color

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