Balloon Car


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?This Inertial Balloon Car Toys can be played while playing, using aerodynamic principles to push the car forward. Use aerodynamics to promote environmenta inl protection and energy-saving without having to use the battery.

?In this Balloon-Powered Car, we’ll show you how to use air pressure to power the toy car. A balloon-powered car is pushed forward by air escaping from a balloon, and it is fun and easy to play with your kids together.

?This balloon racer car kit will keep kids happy and entertained for hours, and give them a break from playing silly games on a tablet or watching videos on TV.

?Offer you a great chance to compete with your child to see whose car can run further, you will have a great time with your child and you both will grow closer.

Package include: 1 X Cute design pump, 2 X Mini Cars, 2 x Connectors

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